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Victoria George

Artist and Pyrographer

Creating a Wood Plaque
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How do I make them?
I work in my own home studio workshop in Egleton. Due to the unique markings of each piece of wood used, no two items are ever identical, but I can create something similar if desired.
Firstly, I select my piece of wood from the local saw mill chosing one with interesting grain, bark and knots which will contribute to developing the chosen subject. I then sketch in my composition and relief carve around the animal or bird...

........I then shape and sand the surface ready for the pyrography, which involves burning in outlines and details to give depth and texture. This is the most time consuming part of the process, please read the 'About Pyrography' page for full details.

Occasionally I will build up the wood (as shown above) for claws, beaks and/or inlay pieces of shell,

Use of paint (I like to use natural pigments in oil) and encaustic waxes are often necessary to finally bring the subject matter to life.

Finally, each piece is varnished for long term protection and fixtures added on the back for hanging.